If, for some reason, you’re wondering why the updates on this blog dwindled from basically none to ACTUALLY none, it’s because I am now writing/editing/photographing/facebooking and tweeting about food-related things full-time, so when I’m not working I spend my time on the computer watching Game of Thrones and refreshing The Hairpin. (Also I suspect they might own all my ideas, now.)

“I’m in NYC, betch”

A lot of friends, and friends of friends, have been visiting lately, and so I’ve been asked to make a lot of “must-hit” lists in the past few weeks. “What do I absolutely HAVE to eat while I’m here?” is what people want to know. LAWD.Continue Reading

Still here

Ack! It has already been a year since I moved to New York. Aside from the fear of getting pushed onto train tracks that I now live with daily, it’s great. My second-favorite island. If Hawaii doesn’t work out, you guys should move here. My bestest bud from Chicago came to visit last week, andContinue Reading

The people who live here are smarter than us.

If Chicago was my first love, and New York is who I plan to settle down and make it work with, then Maui is the sexy Argentinian lover I had a fling with who taught me about life and love and fed me tropical fruits under the stars.Continue Reading

Camping in the Catskills

I never thought I would be a Person Who Enjoys Camping, but my friends, I have been converted. Obligatory food photo: “Nelly Frittata,” one of many awesome meals made on this guy. Bros at Peekamoose Blue Hole Best time ever, etc.

Made a birthday cake for my roommate

Vanilla cake with passionfruit cremeux, dark chocolate ganache, and whipped cream, if you’re wondering.Continue Reading

My Mama’s Chicken Salad

is on Saveur.com today! Unrelated, but also cool: this.

Memorial Day and the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever, Seriously, I Never Exaggerate

Memorial Day and the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever, Seriously, I Never Exaggerate

This recipe for these cookies has occupied a greasy, well-worn page in my little recipe book for some time. It originated with a pastry chef I used to work for, who would make it for family meal all the time. It’s simple and it makes literally the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had.Continue Reading

Home Sweet Home and Mom’s Chicken Salad

Home Sweet Home and Mom’s Chicken Salad

I particularly remember this chicken salad inspiring school-lunch envy

 when I was growing up. One friend of mine repeatedly bugged her own mother to make it, then when she finally did, informed her that the result “just wasn’t as good” as my mom’s. Burn.Continue Reading

In Sweden, Candy Eats You

In Sweden, Candy Eats You

The other day I g-chatted my friend Melissa. (Have we all agreed that this is a verb now? I’m cool with it if you guys are.)

“I HAVE to try that salty licorice!” I said/typed. Actually, I think it was more along the lines of “omguhhhhhhh that salty licorice! hafta try it!!!” but we’ll pretend that someone on the cusp of thirty doesn’t communicate like a fifteen year old.

For some reason the sort of licorice that is popular in Scandinavia—strong and salty, one of those things that falls very far on the “acquired taste” end of the spectrum—had been on my mind. First a friend went to Denmark and tried it. Then it came up in conversation in a bar.Continue Reading